Our team, which is dedicated to solving problems for you
Sincere & Intimate

Business Department

As the window for the whole company, Business Department will be the first team you encountered when you access to Blackstream. The average game-industry-related experience of BD team members is nearly 10 years. Here, they will sincerely help you to solve your confusion and provide you project solutions. They will do their utmost to achieve your cooperation with Blackstream.

Professional & Rigorous

Project Management Department

Blackstream's experience in project management is one of our core competitiveness. As the operation hub of Blackstream, the backbone members of project management department have not only practical project production experience, but also rich project management experience. In addition, their foreign language skills can also communicate smoothly with overseas development teams. The professionalism and rigor of the team have been widely praised by our partners.

Outstanding & Active

Production Department

Blackstream has a production team of more than 200 people which constantly strive for excellence. They covered service from Concept Design, 3D Modeling, Animation, Level Design and Special Effects with high-quality and efficiency. Since the establishment of the company, it gradually established a complete set of perfect mechanism of personnel training, which fully guaranteeing the quality and vitality of the production team.

Innovation & Customization

R&D Department

In order to smoothly carry out project management, production, feedback, order tracking and other complex processes, Blackstream has specially set up a R&D department, which has integrated and developed a number of office systems for development within the company. With the expansion of business and the renewal of demand, the R&D department is continually iterating to improve the software system so as to make it more responsive to the company's development and needs.

OUR Projectmore
Today, the number of our artists has been expanded to over 180, and over 100 projects are undertaken each year. Our customers are the leaders of the game industry: Ubisoft, Tencent, NetEase, Seasun Game and so on. Many successful cases have made Shenzhen Blackstream’s influence in the game industry increasingly extensive. From 2013 to 2015, 40 artists of our company had participated in The Division, which is one of the world-top masterpieces developed by Ubisoft. At present, we are working on the development of a new confidential AAA project with Ubisoft. In 2016, participating in over 50% of art outsourcing production such as Honor of Kings, Crossfire Mobile, NZ , Blackstream has become a core supplier of Tencent. Especially in the project of PUBG mobile version, which has been one of the bestselling of all time after launched, our 60 artists conducted a 3-months development working with Tencent R&D team. At present, the follow-up development is still continuing.
At present, the outsourcing businesses of Blacksteam have covered the entire process of game art production from concept to final 3D modeling. 80% of our business comes from NextGen scene and NextGen characters. Our experience in game art will create greater value for you, and we are convinced that we will be your solid partner.